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Catering & Event Venues

Achieve double digit savings on products and services you buy every day.

In today's economy, everyone faces the urgent task of protecting their bottom line. The catering industry has the unique challenge of managing through these economic challenges while exceeding client expectations. Operators have a strong cost-control ally with Premier REACH™, which has helped members reduce costs since 1996.

The Premier REACH hospitality portfolio includes products and services for:

  • Foodservice
  • Paper and Cleaning Supplies
  • Office supplies and business equipment
  • Facilities (maintenance, repair and operations)
  • IT/telecom
  • Administrative and human resources

Through Premier REACH, you’ll have access to powerful tools and resources to uncover savings and improve efficiency in procurement, labor, menu development and more. Contracts are available to cover most of your supply and service needs including:


From chicken to juices to green and sustainable products, the agreements cover your every need through top-quality manufacturers and a fullrange of offerings.


Keep your building clean at a reduced cost through our broad range of contracts for products to disinfect and clean general surface areas and flooring.

Office Supplies and Business Equipment

Includes access to savings opportunities on a wide array of office supplies, from furniture to toner cartridges, pens, paper, folders and even copiers and fax machines.

Facilities (maintenance, repair and operations)

Designed to substantially reduce costs related to the procurement of equipment, supplies and services used for facilities operations and construction, our contracts offer outstanding value. From can liners to flooring, plumbing products to HVAC equipment controls and supplies, you'll find it all.


Access to significant savings on products like PCs, monitors, printers and copiers.

Administrative and Human Resources

Save on administrative services and offerings, such as car rentals, Yellow Pages advertising, background checks, satisfaction surveys and service awards.

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