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Our members enjoy $4.5 Billion Dollars in purchasing power with US Foods and, as such, have their most competitive prices. In addition, our members enjoy enhanced rebates, larger product selections, top-quality items, more price protection, DSO and delivery size incentives, culinary clinics not available to non-members and many other value-added products and services. If you could lower your food costs 10-20% AND work with the industries leading distributor, why wouldn't you do it? Current US Foods customers are eligible to participate too - this is a no-brainer. Please let us do a free price-comparison to show you what your savings would be.

Savings for Premier Members

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  • 90% of Foodservice Spend covered in Premier Agreement
  • Average 17% + overall savings utilizing Premier Program
  • Fixed pricing on many items for contract term
  • 350+ Foodservice Agreements
  • Contracted Manufacturer Agreements (CMA) via Deviated Dollars or Allowances Off Invoice
  • Contracted Manufacturer Agreement Rebates (CMAR)
  • Food Service Operational Strategies
  • Educational Support
  • 900+ contracts in Premier Portfolio outside of food
  • US Foods Logo
  • Incentives:
    • Days Sales Outstanding
    • Delivery Size Incentive
    • New Business Incentive

Nutritional info online


  • Menu Profitbuilder Pro™
  • CHOICE 365™
  • Blueprint menus


  • Concepts by Premier
  • US Foods website
  • Recipes-On-Demand®
  • Menus-On-Demand®

Food Safety

  • Product recall system
  • Food Safety Program


  • FoodserviceDirectOrder.com
  • Order Guides
  • Search by:
    • Contracted products
    • Nutritionals
    • Allergens
    • Local sourcing


  • Where's My Truck?
  • Proof of Delivery


  • Labor FOCUS™
  • Culinary Clinics
  • Horizon
  • Servsafe® training


  • Business Reviews
  • Baseline®
  • Foodservice Operational Strategies
  • Premier Regional Meetings
  • Peer PRISM®


  • Business Analytics
  • Product Selection

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